USB to Dial-up Modem (Enables Messaging Pro features on HCxx System Controllers)

USB to Dial-up Modem (Enables Messaging Pro features on HCxx System Controllers)


The GMOD interfaces your g! system with analog telephone lines as well as VOIP services (must be compatible with POTS/subscriber loop specifications).

Available Features

Voice Mail Boxes:

Incoming phone calls can be automatically answered with a default message or a custom recorded message, callers can leave voicemail messages, and users can leave voice messages to each other from any touch screen interface. Multiple voicemail in-boxes are supported.

Voice Mail Box Specifications:

  • 100 messages total (across all mail boxes). Once 100 messages are exceeded, the oldest message will be deleted to make space for the next message recorded.
  • 30 day maximum age for messages. Once messages are older than 30 days, they may be automatically deleted.
  • 2 minute maximum message length. Individual voice mail messages may not be longer than 2 minutes in length.

Remote Access and Control:

Users can call home, enter a key code and remotely access voice mail messages and control a number of features of their g! system. Voicemail messages can also be accessed from any g! System touch screen interface.

Event Based Actions:

The system can be configured to contact the user with custom TTS voice or email messages based on a variety of system events. See the messaging Alerts Tech Note for details.

Incoming Call Log with Caller ID:

The g! software will detect incoming calls and display the Caller ID (When available) in the viewer interface.

ELAN GMOD Specifications
Shipping Info
  • Length5.9 (Inches)
  • Width5.9 (Inches)
  • Height1.5 (Inches)
  • Weight0.25 (Lbs)
  • Unit of MeasureEach
  • UPC844039011633
  • Master Pack Qty1
ELAN GMOD Warranty

2 Year Limited Warranty.